Inspiring Sensory symposium at Danone Nutricia Research Center

On November the 6th the Sensory for Business symposium took place at the beautiful Danone Nutricia Research Center. The interactive symposium was a great success with 150 sensory experts and 30 interesting speakers.

Main focus of the “Smarter, faster, stronger” symposium was to increase the business relevance of sensory and consumer science. Chaired by prof. Hans van Trijp (WUR) all contributions together gave a concise overview of the way in which Sensory works for business nowadays and how to further improve this in the future.

The kick-off by Victoire Dairou of Danone Nutricia Research not only gave the opportunity to look in their kitchen, but she and her team also explained the importance of consumer centricity for Danone and how sensory and consumer research techniques are applied in this.

Garmt Dijksterhuis (WUR) made us aware of all methodological considerations claiming that implicitness of measures cannot be underestimated in consumer research.

In the afternoon keynote Hannelize van Zyl (HEINEKEN GI&R) explained her role as sensory professional. With an interactive and convincing presentation she gave a lot of noteworthy advice on the way sensory experts can support their business.

The universities of applied Science (HAN, HAS, HvA and Inholland) and the WUR gave overviews of their sensory curriculum. Nice examples were added by students and young professionals.

The program was completed with two parallel sessions in which 8 speakers in total presented her/his approach or project. Together this gave a kaleidoscopic overview.

Wim Vaessen (Essensor/OP&P) concluded the day by sharing a few thoughts on improving the validity of research and tests and on the challenges ahead of us. With an explicit rol for the societal impact in food behavior through contribution of the sensory community.

10+ Speakers

One day to increase your network

150+ Visitors


Smarter, Faster, Stronger

Sensory & Consumer Science, for true business relevance

The sensory group of Netherlands’ Expertise Center for Marketing Insights, Research & Analytics
presents a smashing symposium on the value of sensory for business.

At Danone Nutricia research center key contributors are presenting their latest methods, experiences and insights from sensory & consumer science. Amongst them: Unilever, Danone, IFF, Haystack, Essensor/OP&P and Wageningen University Research (WUR). Chaired bij Prof. Dr. Hans van Trijp.

With the ultimate goal: Finding the best match between the latest scientific insights on sensory, consumer and business demands.